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In 2022 Tatyana and her FeelTheLine brand made an entrance into Crypto Art by dropping their first NFT collection, named Apple Core Art Club aka AC|AC on Open Sea platform. The official launch and start of public sales are planned for early 2023 - stay tuned for the announcement!

Apple Core Art Club aka AC|AC or simply #Applecores is a collection of 116 unique line-art NFTs currently available (with 1111 total NFTs planned for release in 2023), designed by award winning artist-minimalist Tatyana Mark (Markovtsev) aka Feel The Line, who is able to express powerful and complex human feelings via just a few simple lines.

Each unique NFT is represented by 1500 x 1500 jpeg image of an apple half, where the core consists of the integrated and hand-drawn by the artist 1/1 line image that makes each NFT a unique piece of art. The core represents the soul of an apple. While outside, all green apples look the same, each has a unique core image hiding in the middle. The collection encourages viewers not to judge the book by its cover, but to look deeper inside of each apple to see its beautiful core – its soul. Utility TBA!

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