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Tatyana Markovtsev is on her way of becoming one of the most interesting artists-minimalists of today. She is able to express powerful and complex human feelings via just a few elegant lines, capturing a wide variety of human emotions with amazing simplicity and clarity. Tatyana literally makes viewers feel the lines of her works, giving the name to Feel The Line brand name. Her truly unique and minimalistic style brings lines to live, combining fresh elegance and dynamics of movement in each eternal moment.

Often the viewers find different interpretations for Tatyana’s art, depending on their personal circumstances. Many fans see themselves in her works, and experience strong interpersonal connection to Feel The Line art. One of the reasons for that could be related to the natural quality if our mind: inherent attraction things where we can fill in the blanks. For example, Tatyana never draws faces, even in a most minimalistic sense, however most viewers don’t notice the lack the facial features, at least for a while. They often fill-in the missing parts using their imagination. Feel The Line fans like to co-create the story behind the lines, and Tatyana hopes that her clean minimalistic style provides them with this opportunity.

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, she immigrated to the U.S. with her family over 20 years ago, settling just north of Chicago. Tatyana, an engineer by trade, has never imagined that one day her works would have universal appeal and touch hearts of so many who see them. She only discovered strong desire to draw, and begun her journey to mastery less than 6 years ago (2010), completing over 400 works since. Her artist Facebook page has over 20,000 fans and growing fast.

She is masterfully using India ink on cold press paper and digital coloring to make her creations. In 2014 and 2015 she illustrated a series of 15 books, and continued to inspire many artists to create in their own style, such as glasswork, mosaic, jewelry, poetry, music, etc.

Early this year Markovtsev was touched to receive a letter from a fellow artist and fan in war-torn Syria, who said that she found a reproduction of Tatyana’s drawing, sold at an open-air market / bazar in her town. Tatyana says “It is amazing yet humbling that my art is reaching out to such far away places, and hopefully giving inspiration to people going through such difficult times. Tatyana had a dozen successful shows and auctions since her debut @ Edge Gallery Chicago in 2012, and is looking forward to expanding her Feel The Line brand into different media forms, and reaching more and more people around the world with her art in 2016 and beyond.

Tatyana Markovtsev’s artwork "Jazz Band" was selected as one of only two U.S. finalists for the prestigious 2016 International Artist Grand Prize Competition in Taiwan and was shown to over 20,000 art lovers from all over Asia at A.R.T. Revolution Taipei April 22-25, 2016. Her submission was also exhibited during March and April 20016 in the picturesque The Get Art Museum in Taiwan City (http://www.getart.com.tw)

Tatiana also participated in the first Spring One of A Kind Chicago Show, taking place in renown Merchandise Mart on 4/29 – 5/1, 2016.

We currently working on the new multimedia show TBA soon.

For more information, or if you are interested in purchasing originals or ordering custom author copies of Feel The Line art, please contact us at info@feeltheline.com 

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