Artist Biography


Born and raised in Moscow, capital of the former Soviet Union (now Russia), Tatyana Mark (originally Markovtsev) immigrated to the U.S. with her family almost 30 years ago, settling just north of Chicago. An engineer by trade, she has never imagined that one day her works would find universal appeal and touch the hearts of tens of thousands of people from over 150 countries, who visit her website, social media pages and go to see her works at the international art shows. Being a self-taught artist, she only discovered strong desire to draw and started her journey to mastery in her late 50s, completing over 500 works since.

Tatyana masterfully uses India ink on cold press paper and acrylic paint on canvas, as well as mixed media, digital and vector art to make her creations. Since debuting with her first solo show at Chicago’s Edge Gallery in 2012, Tatyana has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions and art fairs, became a 3-time finalist and award recipient at the major international artist competition, illustrated over 20 books published in different languages, decorated several commercial spaces and cafes with her art (in Chicagoland & Paris), and developed logotype and label for a US-based Sake brand. She continues to inspire many artists to re-create her signature lines in their own style, such as glasswork, mosaic, jewelry, sculpture, body art, and even culinary creations.

In 2015, Tatyana has enlisted the help of her son Max Mark, a former global advertising executive and creative director, to launch and make available a limited edition giclée print collection of her selected artworks to the global audience. The following year they collaborated to establish the FeelTheLine brand, that alongside with art, is focusing on designing and producing ready to wear clothing items, various accessories, greeting cards and home & living products, which are also sold via their website.

Tatyana’s organic social media following has been steadily growing with @feeltheline Facebook page reaching almost 50K members with 40-45K weekly active participants. Tatyana’s Pinterest page gets between 450K-2 million monthly views and gathered over 7K followers to date.

For four years in the row (2016-2019) Tatyana has participated in ART Revolution Taipei, first as a finalist and later as the Gallery Award recipient of the Asia’s largest International Artist Grand Competition, organized by the Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association. During that time, she also exhibited her works in several prominent Taiwanese galleries.

Additionally, her art has been successfully used by medical professionals from various counties to help in treatment of PTSD and depression (Hungary and USA), while scientists in Israel are currently using her works to study differences between abilities of human brain vs AI and deep learning algorithms in terms of recognition and perception capabilities.

In 2022 Tatyana and her FeelTheLine brand made an entrance into Crypto Art by launching their first NFT collection, named Apple Core Art Club aka AC|AC on Open Sea (

In 2023, Tatyana and Max have launched Feel The Line 3D, utilizing power of AI to create innovative sculptures and 3D art from Tatyana's signature minimalist line art. They have their inaugural sculpture design commission – a magnificent 15-foot-tall metal installation titled "Dancer", to be unveiled at Crystal Park in Hudson Valley, New York in September 2024.