Artist Statement

The brain is one of the most mysterious and complex things that we have yet discovered in our universe, but in today’s busy world it often gets overwhelmed with large quantities of information, bombarding it from every direction. I believe that the best way to reach someone’s feelings, emotions and inspire their deeper thinking and contemplation is through simplicity of suggestive minimalistic line art that on one hand is instantly read by the subconscious and easily digested by human mind, and on the other, allows for the process of co-creation and building of own unique perception via stimulation of the viewer’s imagination. Some elements of the image are better left out, so the mind is motivated to finish the picture by being an active participant and partner in creation, rather than just a passive observer.

Therefore, in my art I aim to express powerful and complex human feelings via just a few elegant lines, capturing a wide variety of emotions with as much simplicity and clarity as possible. My minimalistic suggestive style is designed to bring the lines of my artwork to live, combining minimalism, elegance, and dynamics of movement with active imagination of the viewer. My goal is to show maximum emotions with the bare minimum of lines and to make the viewers involved in building the illustrated experiences and situations along with me, by filling in the details in their minds, that I leave out. This makes them literally feel the lines, giving the name to our FeelTheLine brand, and often results in my audience having an immersive experience by seeing themselves or their loved ones as the subjects of my works.

I started with simple line drawings on cold press paper using India Ink. Today my style has evolved to include mixed media, digital art and larger painting compositions using acrylic on canvas that utilize abstract colorful backgrounds and various lighting in combination with my signature lines that all complement and complete each other, causing the viewers to have a deeper engagement, while experiencing even fuller spectrum of feelings and emotions through my works of art.