Poem book of poems of with Tatyana Markovtsev artwork is being published in Russia!

Tatiana Markovtsev book Golovanova Gurzuf markovtsev publishing Russia Sverdlovskaya Oblast' Yekaterinburg

Good things are to happen - we all feel something positive in the air. Hopefully the a show in St. Petersburg and Moscow Russia is going to happen early next year.


Since I met Elena Golovanona on Facebook less than a year ago, she became my faithful friend and supporter of my work: we became good pen pals and wanna be business partner since then. She is a poet, writer and head editor of one of the the largest Urals publishing houses. The friendship has transformed into a potential partnership, and Elena already has published and going to publish later this day. 



Rock on Golovanova! Now this blog is becoming alive, so please check back in regularly. 

With love from Chi-town.. 



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