Anticipation on the Shoreline
Anticipation on the Shoreline

Anticipation on the Shoreline

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Original Wall Art (1/1)

This work represents Tatyana's latest 2023 exploratory collection, which utilizes her signature lines in unique new ways using various experimental backgrounds on canvas (digital art/acrylic).

Large Size: 40" x 60" x 1,5" (stretched)

Medium/Material: Mixed Media (Acrylic,Digital)  on Canvas

This evocative artwork is trying to capture the essence of contemplation and anticipation, while exuding a serene ambiance. A minimalist line art depiction of a woman stands as the centerpiece. Adorned with a sophisticated hat and an elegantly flowing scarf, her silhouette is both enigmatic and graceful, symbolizing an air of mystery and femininity. The cubist-inspired background paints an abstract representation of a coastal cityscape, where straight lines and geometric patterns merge to offer a dynamic contrast to the organic fluidity of the central figure. The sparingly placed seagulls further up in the sky not only accentuate the vastness of the surroundings but also evoke a sense of freedom and limitlessness. The entire composition resonates with feelings of hope, yearning, and the sheer thrill of moments yet to unfold. The artist's deft use of muted tones and deliberate brush strokes allows viewers to immerse themselves in this moment of quiet reflection and anticipation: what is next on my horizon? 


This unique artwork is exclusively created and signed by the artist, has an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition prints are available.

Disclaimer: This artwork derived from personal observation, imagination, sketch or photograph. All Copyrights and Reproduction Rights are retained by artist Tatyana Markovtsev / Feel The Line. This artwork cannot be reproduced by any process.


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