Echoes of Yearning

Echoes of Yearning

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Original Wall Art (1/1)

This work represents Tatyana's latest 2022-2023 art-deco inspired collection, which utilizes her signature lines on canvas (digital art).

Size: 30" x 40" x 1,5" (stretched)

Medium/Material: Digital/INKJET on Canvas

Within the delicate strokes of this minimalistic artwork lies a narrative both profound and universally relatable. The piece portrays a beautiful womanly mannequin, adorned with a strikingly fashionable hat, casting a subtle shade over her features. Yet, her absence of arms and legs becomes a poignant focal point as she gazes with palpable longing at the pair of high-heeled Lauboutin shoes nearby. This scene is a vivid embodiment of unfulfilled desires and the human experience of yearning for the seemingly unattainable. The artist's choice to depict the mannequin as a figure of elegance and beauty, juxtaposed with her physical limitations, serves as a potent metaphor. It reminds us that, at various moments in our lives, we are all that legless mannequin, gazing at dreams just beyond our grasp, evoking a shared sentiment of hope, desire, and introspection.


This unique artwork is exclusively created and signed by the artist, has an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition prints are available.

Disclaimer: This artwork derived from personal observation, imagination, sketch or photograph. All Copyrights and Reproduction Rights are retained by artist Tatyana Markovtsev / Feel The Line. This artwork cannot be reproduced by any process.


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